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so i guess i'll be here for while...

if you haven't heard by now, i've moved. i've moved on. to bigger and better things. HAH. maybe not bigger, but i was hoping for the better part. so i guess the goal for january is to find a job and find a place of my own. staying with sean isn't a good idea. i mean, it is for now, but not at this point in our relationship. i think it would do more damage than good.
my sister comes back from indonesia this weekend. I'm glad my mom and her were not affected by the fiasco that is happening in south asia. i can't watch the news any more. i can't look at anymore pictures. it breaks my heart.
i read this article in the latest time magazine about how when disasters happen in poor countries such as this one, there are more casualties because poor countries doesn't have the kind of systems that countries like the United States, Japan, or European countries have. When casualties hit the strong countries with all the resources, you can bet your ass that the casualties would only be a tenth of what it is over in south asia.
anyways, i'm rambling. time to go to costco with mr. selfish.
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