Di (diana0415) wrote,

stolen from alodiah's journal...

Sooo, hey how's it going...It's 4 am in the land of Irvine, the godforsaken place I call my home. The computers are a-buzzin and the roomates are slowly settling down into peaceful slumber.

Not much happens around here...once in a while you are just sitting there in your underwear on the internet, and your roomate barges in and says, "Hey, get ready, we're going out." So, you shrug and figure, "Meh. I have nothing to do anyway." Everyone gets in the car and heads to Sunset to mingle with the rest of the Hollywood Trash. You get to a club, and dance in the middle of a floor where no one else can dance, and get groped by the usual number of stupid men who can't start a conversation but just start freaking up on you like you are some random pole to hump. Fuck that. After you have two drinks, you head over with the girls to the club next door and sneak into the vip room. Sometimes you start talking to a guy, and his name ends up being the same as your first boyfriend, and then you lose interest. Then you smile at the dj because he's hot and amazing (and you can't stop staring at his hands on the turntables), it's easy to get attention if you just make eye contact, but American men are lame and don't do shit. And they don't tell you things like "You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen," and stroke your hair, like they do in Spain. Nope, they just stand there, and stare back at you like they're interested, and then they just...stand there.

Once in a while, after a night like that, you head home with the girls and get FUCKING PULLED OVER FOR GOING 65 MILES AN HOUR, and a little SOBER ASIAN AMERICAN GIRL has to get out of her car and take 5 DUI tests with three big WHITE ORANGE COUNTY ROOKIE COPS SURROUNDING HER. And sometimes, a stupid rookie cop will come up to the window of the girls that aren't even driving and threaten them by saying "Have you had any more to drink than her? You're friend was THIS CLOSE to going to jail." That stupid ass didn't even LOOK at the breathalizer. ONE COP HAD TO CALL 2 OTHER COPS for backup, just in case ME AND FUCKING DIANA were gonna go Thelma and Louise on their LAME asses. We didn't even get a warning or a citation, they had no business pulling us over. I HATE IRVINE COPS. We're sober, we're girls, we're going with the flow of traffic, but, we're BROWN PEOPLE. Ok, I guess that's enough to pull us over.




Well, the night was fun before that, at least. Before the cops, it wasn't that bad, I was enjoying being with the girls, and listening to music, and dancing with people. I like people that like to enjoy life and music. It's great not taking yourself so seriously all the time.

Current Mood: IT'S RACIAL!
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