Di (diana0415) wrote,

2 more weeks until graduation...

June 19th, 2004 (Date of Graduation)

I know everyone says this but it's true...time flies by. I can't believe that in just 2 weeks I won't be writing any more papers (unless i go to graduate school) or filling in any more bubbles in that damn brown scantron. i might even be allowed to forget about my ID#. I can't believe i have to get my own health insurance because i won't qualify under my parents and my they won't be able to claim me in their tax returns. this is what it must feel like to be a grown up. all i need now is my own place and a puppy. oh make that 2 puppies.

all this time i've been spending trying to get out of school, yet everyone who've graduated wished that they could go back to school.
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