Di (diana0415) wrote,

it's easter tomorrow...

i woke up at 10 this morning, i haven't done that in a year. 9 more weeks before i am a college graduate and will be working full time. i read today that united airlines is offering ten thousand miles for recent college graduates. that's ten thousand miles short of a free flight. right now the one thing i am excited about is my vacation to hawaii after i graduate. i wish more of you would come along and bask in the sun with me. in addition, i will be spending a weekend with my dad in vegas the day after graduation. all this talk of graduation is making me nervous. currently i am searching for a place to live. being that i have decided to stay in the irvine area, i think i finally deserve my own room. the ideal would be to live with some friends so that i am not living in strange conditions, but having my own room after 4 years is crucial.

work at fiore, racobs and powers is awful. not the work itself but more like the firm administrator because she is a hypocrite. she leaves to go to costco during work to buy groceries for her self. she comes in late, and leaves early. i'm sure the whole office would rather have her disappear. that's my rant for work.

sean is calling me, we haven't talked in days. i miss him.
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