Di (diana0415) wrote,

Diah said...

"Screw growing up and not having time"...i say DITTO to that!
Lately i've been bombarded with all these anxieties about what i will do after graduation. What the hell am i going to do? I definitely need a job. Do i really want to go to law school? Is that really what i want as a career? Maybe i should just stop doing this "being ambitious" act because all i really want to do is nothing. well not completely nothing, but i don't want all these stressors and complications and worrying and wondering if i'll be okay.

what i do want is to travel... TRAVELING...i want to travel to foreign countries. but that means i need money. and that means i need a job. and that means i won't have time. blah blah blah.

All this mixed emotions and i have no one to turn to. The one i love is on the other side of the country. i keep hoping that we'll be okay. What have i gotten myself into?
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